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Swimming Pool Leak Detection & Repair

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Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

Leaking pools, spas, and underground water lines can create a ton of headache for homeowners and commercial property managers alike. As your pool’s water level drops, water and chemical consumption can increase, incurring additional expense. These issues are often quickly compounded by larger problems not yet visible on the surface.

If you feel that your residential or commercial swimming pool may be leaking, it is paramount you contact our office to schedule a leak detection test to determine the root cause of your leak.

Leak Detection Experts

Finding The Leak

There are several telltale signs that point to a leaking swimming pool. In both residential and commercial pools, most often we see an increase in chemicals needing to be added to the pool to properly maintain water conditions which is a clear indicator of water escaping the pool. Another indicator is the need to add water to the pool each week. Most pools, even if heated, will lose less than 1″ of water per week in Florida. For those with an automatic filler, a dramatic change in the water bill is often the first sign of a leaking pool.

Loss of water in your pool is normal, and fluctuates based on a number of factors as outlined below:

  • Open air pools will sometimes experience higher evaporation
  • Shade and sun exposure change evaporation rates
  • Heating the pool causes evaporation
  • Use/splash out especially with children playing can cause water loss
  • Pools on the water and out on the open experience a higher evaporation due to the wind and open area (small percentage but some do)

Our Leak Detection Process

If a leak is suspected, or one of our technicians report that the pool is leaking we may do one of two things (depending on the amount of suspected water loss):

  1. Perform a bucket test to determine the amount of water loss over a 24 hour period to rule out evaporation.
    • A bucket test is performed by setting a bucket on the steps or swim seat of the pool with the interior of the bucket filled to the same level as the pool. This allows the water to be at the same temperature for evaporation. We then run the pool as normal (with no use) for 24 hours. If the inside of the bucket has lost 1/8th of an inch of water and the pool dropped ½” an inch of water we now know our water loss is confirmed and we also know what the water loss is.
  2. Some pool leaks are so large that running a bucket test is not needed or cannot be performed without massive water loss. In this instance we move right to finding the leak.
    • For example, if a pipe is broken and pool is losing 12 inches of water in 8 hours we will not have the customer waste that much water – we already know the pool has a large leak.

What Do We Do During A Pool/Spa Leak Detection?

After a leak is determined to be plausible, our technicians complete the following series of diagnostic tests:

A technician will inspect the above ground equipment and plumbing for leaks (excluding solar). We will then dive the pool and perform a visual and dye check on the following components:

  • All pool return fittings
  • Vacuum line fittings
  • Light niche and cord
  • Skimmer throat and body
  • Main drain pot and suction port
  • All grout lines in water line tile
  • All grout lines on cap and stair tile
  • Any water features or floor returns/care take systems
  • Inspect for any structural cracks or holes in the surface

We pressure all below ground pipes to determine if they hold pressure by capping the lines in the pool and applying water pressure to each individual pipe, one at a time. If a pressure loss is present, we will sound test for the leak using geophones and a combination of water and air to make it bubble so that we may locate the leak.

If any structural leaks are found, we will apply a temporary putty to stop the leak and allow for a proper repair to be quoted and scheduled. In most cases, we typically find more than one leak. We always perform a complete leak detection so we can be certain that all potential issues with our customer’s swimming pool have been addressed.

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