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Cape Coral Pool Modifications

Pool Modifications To Suit Our Customer's Needs

Cape Coral Swimming Pool Renovation

We were awarded the pleasure of working with a homeowner in Cape Coral Florida who needed her pool for exercise. Struck with an interesting issue, our office was contacted to modify the pool to suit her needs. 

Our customer was short and not physically capable of going up or down standard sized pool steps to enter or exit the pool. After discussing her options of chair lifts, ramps, and steps we decided to have small steps constructed with two full length custom handrails to assist entering and exiting the pool.

Completed Pool

Scope Of Work

With considerations selected by our customer, we began transforming her existing pool into her new exercise pool. As the water depth in the pool needed to be modified, we worked with our customer to determine optimal depth and structured our remaining renovations around that. We moved all necessary plumbing and extended the pool’s main drain line to the new depth while backfilling the pool with gravel and tying rebar into the existing structure for strength. Once this was complete we poured a new floor into the pool using 3,000 psi concrete.

Once the pools floor was formed we constructed forms for the steps to the specifications previously discussed and reinforced the concrete with a rebar cage.  The steps were poured out of 3000 psi concrete and set to cure. After letting the concrete cure for 3 weeks, we installed rails that extended from the pool deck to the floor and added blue accent cap tiles to help identify the steps.

The pool was finished with new waterline tile and a pebble surface and truly turned out remarkable!

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